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You have accessed DokToYou, a computer platform that connects you electronically with patients.

DokToYou has been designed and developed by OLM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS.

OLM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS as a marketing entity in The Philippines is intended to inform you of the information that, by virtue of the applicable regulations, must be accessible, as well as the conditions governing registration and use. Likewise, the prohibitions and responsibilities derived from the improper use of DokToYou are exposed and, especially, you are informed regarding the treatment of personal information for the correct quality of the service provided, as well as the management of your medical-health data.



With the telemedicine service we refer to the provision of information or telecommunications technologies to facilitate the user to be able to receive medical assistance from approved and affiliated health medical centers, regardless of the distance between the provider and the recipient- patient. 

The use of the DokToYou App is free. The price corresponds to the medical services that each doctor sets as their fee per consultation. These services are provided by medical-health professionals arranged with OLM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, and who meet all the legal requirements to provide their service in The Philippines. In no case, OLM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS will be responsible for the medical result of the care.



OLM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS makes these General Conditions available to you that affect the use and registration of the DokToYou application for personal and non-transferable use. OLM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS excludes any responsibility for damages of any nature that may be due or derived from the use of the product and that may be caused by the lack of veracity, validity, exhaustiveness and / or authenticity of the information that you provide for the correct provision of the service or use of the product and, in particular, although not exclusively,

The application can only be used by the person who completes the registration process associated with it together with the acceptance of these binding conditions. Each person, from their application, will be able to access their user and / or the users of people legally protected and registered in the system. Those under 18 years of age will not be able to use the application if it is not through the user of their legal guardian. The application may not be used by third parties who are not registered or supervised by a registered person.

DokToYou and the service provided through it does not replace or equate face-to-face medical attention that requires or requires a physical examination, but through it allows what is called telemedicine or remote care by technological means of videoconference with healthcare professionals, in accordance with the legal requirements required to exercise such profession, the DokToYou App constituting the mere instrument of contact between the user and the healthcare practitioner.

DokToYou facilitates the provision of means for the prescription of medicines through health professionals, as well as the referral, access and printing for subsequent dispensing through establishments and professionals authorized in accordance with the regulations concerned.

The arrangement of remote medical care through DokToYou requires the acceptance, on the one hand, of the so-called informed consent and, on the other hand, authorization for the healthcare professional to access healthcare information, including the patient's medical history.

For all the above, updating and veracity of the personal and health information that you provide is essential to access medical care under the minimum quality standards.

Regarding the use and non-consensual access to the product by third parties, OLM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS will not be responsible for said situation if it occurs, so it is exclusively responsible for the custody and assigned use, being the personal account, having to keep it confidential and respect the associated conditions. Each registered user, in general, is responsible for the use of their account, the confidentiality and protection of it and the information that it transmits or records. You agree to notify immediately in case you have proof or founded suspicion regarding any unauthorized use of your password or associated account, including the possible identity violation.

You are informed that the use of DokToYou requires connection to the Internet access network, applying the rates and terms associated with the access service provider with which you have contracted the mobile connection or access from your resource, the entity not being responsible of the cost thereof, including in the case of unauthorized access and use of the health service, as well as the vulnerabilities that may occur as a result of connections that may be classified as unsafe, recommending, where appropriate, the precise configuration of the resource to the recommended security parameters.  OLM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS as well as authorized third-party distribution and marketing companies will not be held responsible for (i) the misuse you may make of the service; (ii) the invulnerability of DokToYou or associated services, or the software used, distributed or obtained from it; (iii) the greater or lesser performance of the content; (iv) damages caused by any person, either to himself or to third parties, that violates the conditions, rules and instructions established by the entity / ies; (v) the damages caused by the violation of the security systems; (vi) the software or plugin malfunction -download that could be done from the established link to the effect- necessary for the correct display and sound; (vii) any action and / or action that may be carried out in relation to the violation of the rights of third parties, especially in relation to the image, intellectual or industrial property and data protection; (viii) custody of the passwords necessary for access and use of the product -identification and authentication.-; (ix) the veracity, authenticity and updating of the information, both personal and symptomatic - necessary for the correct provision of the service through DokToYou; (x) the impossibility or interruption of the service derived from the lack of connection or incidents of the computer resource used or associated software, including certificates or configurations that prevent correct operation, such as: battery charge, temporary or permanent loss of connection; impossibility of connection.

DokToYou may receive modifications that require updating it for its correct operation in the different operating systems of the computer resources in which it is downloaded and installed, in which case the update will be necessary to continue its operation. However, you guarantee that you will accept all updates associated with DokToYou when they are offered for download and installation.


OLM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS reserves the right to terminate the contract unilaterally and without the right to any compensation in the following cases:

  • In the event that the interested party breaches his obligations to pay for the services that require it.

  • In the event that the interested party undertakes any type of activity that compromises or may compromise the security of the App.

  • In the event that the interested party undertakes any type of activity that compromises or may compromise the privacy of other interested parties.

  • In the event that the interested party undertakes any type of activity that is likely to be considered as disrespectful to the interlocutors.

  • In the event that the interested party undertakes any type of activity that may be considered as abusive or bad faith use of the App.

  • Any other intentional conduct of the interested party that can be considered analogous to the previous ones.



In accordance with the Terms and Conditions of download and use of DokToYou, the contents and telemedicine services that are provided are directed exclusively to registered and registered users. Minors under the age of 18 can only access as supervised users through the user of their legal guardian.

To access DokToYou, it is essential to complete the associated registration and verification fields and, therefore, unconditional acceptance of both these conditions and the specific conditions associated with the telemedicine service that you intend to arrange.



OLM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS has the corresponding rights of exploitation of the intellectual and industrial property of the product. You are granted a personal, worldwide, non-sublicensable, royalty-free, non-assignable and non-exclusive license to use the service provided as an indispensable part for the proper provision of the telemedicine service. This license has the sole purpose of allowing you to use and enjoy the benefit of health services provided by hospitals or doctors arranged by OLM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS and available through the DokToYou application in accordance with these conditions. In no case shall it be understood that the foregoing implies a waiver, transfer, assignment, total or partial, of said rights,

We inform you that it is prohibited to carry out the following actions: (i) extract all or part of the source code, including decompiling it through reverse engineering, for such purposes as: translation; derived versions or other affects to the development and exploitation of the application; (ii) use of the contents, including their own or associated trademarks, for illegal purposes or for commercial purposes; (iii) the collection of personal or professional information to which you may have access; (iv) the referral or use of DokToYou to / by third parties; and (v) the publication of information related to the app and the services that violate personal or medical information, and the image rights of health professionals.

It is expressly forbidden to delete, evade or manipulate any identification data of the rights of the entities incorporated into the content, as well as the technical protection devices or any information and / or identification mechanisms that are incorporated into them.



Each registered user, in general, is responsible for the use of their associated account, the confidentiality and protection of it and the information they provide. You agree to notify immediately if you have suspicion or effective knowledge of any unauthorized use of your password or associated account, as well as regarding a possible identity violation. The registry is not aimed at minors under 18 years of age, but rather the telemedicine service provided through authorization and consent, for this purpose, from their parents, guardians or legal representatives.

In order to hold the condition of registered user with the right to use DokToYou and, consequently, to be able to access the service, you must previously carefully read these General Conditions and accept them in full and complete the fields associated with the opening of an enabled account, being essential to enter truthful information requested. To activate the account, you will be sent a four-digit verification code, with a 24-hour expiration, which is unique and different for each access you intend to make. This procedure has been established in order to verify your identity and avoid non-consensual access.

In the event that you do not wish to continue as a registered user, you can send us a cancellation request through the different means of communication available. From the moment we receive your cancellation request until the deletion of your authorized account occurs, a maximum duration of 30 days is estimated as a consequence of the technical actions derived from the deletion process. Likewise, the entity may cancel your account, in the event that it has well-founded suspicions or effective knowledge derived from the breach of these conditions, as well as those that are applicable to the arranged telemedicine service. The entity reserves the right to close its account, after checking the facts disclosed, as well as the possibility of informing the competent authorities -administrative and jurisdictional- in the event that it could constitute a crime or illegal in any jurisdictional area. Use through registration implies acceptance and declaration of acceptance of these General Conditions.

OLM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, any modification or update of the contents and services, of the access and use provisions contained in these General Conditions, and, in general, of how many elements integrate the design, utilities and configuration of your application. With the use of the Application, it is understood that the user consents and accepts them. For this reason, you must carefully read the General Conditions each time they are modified or updated. These General Conditions, in their current version at any time, are the only ones applicable to the use, registration and download of DokToYou.

The user must use the service, appropriately, using the Application correctly and in accordance with the Law and these General Conditions, and must answer for any damages that may be caused as a consequence of the breach of this obligation.



DokToYou is committed to compliance and special observance of the regulatory regulations on data protection, enjoying special protection for those related to the user's medical-health data, and can only and exclusively be accessed by both the Beneficiaries and the medical-health centers assigned to The App. However, DokToYou may have information regarding statistical effects or for the development of any activity aimed at improving the service or your state of health, and may send you communications about services or products to improve your state of health. .

DokToYou will ensure the proper use of information between the parties contacted for the provision of the service, not being responsible for negligent use by the user or the medical centers, whose relationship is unrelated to the App so that the relationship between patient and medical professional is conditioned to the duty of secrecy and the deontological code in the exercise of the medical profession.

Similarly, health information complies with community and state regulations regarding the rights of patients regarding health care. Your condition as a patient and the information that you could provide will be encrypted, treated and guarded under security standards designed to protect the confidentiality of your data.

In the condition of registered user that is to be carried out after the acceptance of these conditions, the information provided, solely and exclusively, will be used to manage and identify the accesses and use regarding DokToYou. In any case, in this document, through the data protection clause, you have information regarding the processing of personal data as a registered user.

It is expressly prohibited, in addition to the prohibitions that are inserted in this document, the fraudulent use of the service, especially in those cases that said service is arranged in your name for third parties other than you, providing information and symptoms of people not associated with Your status as a registered user, except for the exception of arranging medical care for supervised persons affects the established conditions. In this situation, he will be solely responsible for the damages that may be caused, both vis-à-vis the person with respect to whom he has agreed to arrange medical care and vis-à-vis the responsibilities and / or direct or indirect damages of medical professionals,



The user also expressly consents to be able to send electronic communications associated with the service. The purpose is to provide you with information about the products and / or activities of the entity and / or those entities with which an agreement is signed for this purpose, as well as products and / or activities of third parties with which collaborations can be made to benefit of your condition of user, including the sending of commercial communications through remote means of communication, providing, at all times, the possibility of withdrawing them, by email addressed to

We inform you that OLM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS has adopted the legally required levels of security for the protection of personal data and has installed all the means, protocols and technical measures available according to the state of technology in order to prevent loss , misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the data provided.

For this purpose, the user authorizes OLM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS to use their image and personal data collected during the development of care through video calls, in order to allow the development of medical activity carried out by health professionals.



These general conditions are governed by Philippine law. 

The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Lipa City, The Philippines.



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