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  • What does it cost?
    The professional fee for depends on the doctor who is the one that sets it themselves. Our mobile app is like an extension of their clinic so usually the same if not less than what they normally charge in the clinic. In order to see the fee on the mobile app then click the doctors profile first. Kindly see our Youtube video instruction below:
  • How do I pay?
    You can pay through Gcash, GrabPay, Paymaya, Paypal or any major Credit Card. Payment is collected after making the appointment. All appointments have to be fully paid in order for appointment to go through.
  • How do I see my profile?
    Your basic health profile will be visible when you log in on your profile. Click Account and you can update picture and other personal data.
  • Where do I download the mobile app?
    You can download the app on the links below
  • Can I get prescriptions?
    Yes, after the consultation your assigned doctor will be able to issue prescriptions. These prescriptions will be visible on your Appointment tab after the call. Digitally signed prescriptions are now being accepted by pharmacies in The Philippines so you are able to simply bring your mobile phone and show it to the pharmacy.
  • What equipment do I need for the consultation?
    - You need to have internet - A smartphone with camera
  • I'm not tech-savy, can I still use it?"
    If you have used facetime or Skype before you will find our platform very similar in use.
  • What if I have tech-issues? Who do I ask?
    You can message us through FB messenger at or email us at See our Youtube video instruction below
  • What are the problems solved by Telemedicine?
    - Easy Follow Ups - Specialists readily available (no waiting in line, traffic to hospital etc) - Elderly patients have readily access to doctors from the comfort of their home - No need to go out in traffic - Easy payments online (paypal, credit card, Gcash/Paymaya)
  • Will I be seeing my doctor or somebody I don't know?
    If you do not see your doctor on the app then you can invite them to the app by sending them this link: If you can not find your own doctor you may browse by filters (choose department) to see the specialists that fits your need.
  • Can the doctor diagnose without doing a Physical Exam?
    There are many cases where the doctor can consult and diagnose without doing a physical exam. Uploading pictures and your health history on your profile will help the doctor diagnose you properly. The more you inform the doctor before the visit, the easier it is for the doctor to diagnose you. You can also upload your laboratory results into your patient mobile app or web app before the visit.

Here are some advantages of using DokToYou:



Instead of having to guess what ails you and self-medicate afterward with medicine that may or may not be effective, DokToYou allows you to talk to specific specialists that will diagnose you via video consultation and explain the symptoms you are experiencing.



According to research, children do not have fully developed immune systems until they are 7-8 years of age. The elderly’s immune system is not as strong as they were when they were young and patients with disabilities may or may not have underlying medical conditions that compromise their immune systems. Using DokToYou eliminates the risk of exposure of children, the elderly, and patients with disabilities with other sick patients. DokToYou is highly useful in situations where the patient must practice social distancing or is unable to attend a healthcare facility in person.



The cost of quality health care is steadily increasing for the public which pushes them to make unusual care choices. Some don’t go to follow-ups, some self-medicate and some skip going to the doctor altogether to avoid having to pay the high cost of health care. Because DokToYou enables you to stay at home while interacting with the specialists you need to talk to, you spend less money as fees are competitive and you save on time (no need to take time off work)



It is such a hassle to be stuck in traffic when you could be doing a million productive things whilst you are at home. Utilizing telemedicine apps such as DokToYou gives you the freedom to spend your time more efficiently. You need not worry about taking a day off of work to get to that doctors’ appointment. No need to spend hours driving to the hospital because you can talk with the physician anytime and anywhere via video chat. You are saving your time while prioritizing your health.



DokToYou enables patients who have jam-packed healthcare facilities in their area to access quality health care.  Especially when they are in isolated areas, wherein they have to travel hours just to get to the nearest healthcare facility and end up in hallways while waiting for their turn. Using this telemedicine app reduces unnecessary non-urgent ER visits.



Health care specialists who are affiliated with DokToYou also benefit from this telemedicine app in terms of being safe from the pathogens that potential patients carry. They could diagnose patients safely without having to risk contracting the infection themselves.



DokToYou offers information security for the app users. The patient can readily access his or her basic health profile when they login to their account at DokToYou. They can update their account details, health history, health tracker, securely upload, store and access medical reports, view appointments, and prescriptions. Medical reports and scans of patients can be uploaded in various file formats up to a maximum size of 5MB.



DokToYou offers all major credit cards, Paymaya and Paypal.


Listed below are some of the services that DokToYou offers:



·       Psychology

·       Dermatology

·       Internal Medicine

·       Counseling

·       Neurology

·       Orthopedics

·       Primary Care

·       Urology

·       Pediatrics

·       Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine

·       Obstetrics and Gynecology

·       Cardiology

·       Ophthalmology

·       Otorhinolaryngology

·       Cardiology

·       Psychiatry

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